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Adjusting the Base Number When Heirs of One Category Cannot Share Portions Evenly

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Below is the answer to the problem which was presented at the end of the previous post:

The estate will be divided into 6 equal portions:

The Mother will get 1 portion.
The Father will get 1 portion.
The Son will get 2 portions.
Each Daughter will get 1 portion.

All others are deprived.

Any questions about the above should be posted in the comments section, insha’Allah.

As you should already know, the number of portions allotted to an individual heir is calculated by dividing the number of portions given to that entire category (to which that heir belongs) by the number of heads in that category. This will give us the number of portions given to each head, and thus, each individual heir. As a brief review, lets go through some quick examples, insha’Allah.

Quick Example 1:

A category of 2 sons and 3 daughters are given 14 portions. Applying the above rule, we divide 14 (portions given to the entire category) by 7 (number of heads). This gives us 2 portions per head. Since they inherit in a 2:1 ratio, each son is worth 2 heads, and so each son gets 4 portions. Each daughter, being worth 1 head, gets 2 portions.

Quick Example 2:

A category of 3 wives are given 3 portions. This should be an easy one. Each head (i.e. each wife, in this case) gets 1 portion.

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