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Special Case: Inheritance by Dual Relationship

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Here is the answer key for the mini-quiz we concluded with in the previous post:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. No
  4. No
  5. No
  6. Yes

Any questions/confusions should, as always, be expressed in the comments section below, insha’Allah.

In certain cases of inheritance the mayyit may have two relationships with an heir. Such an heir will inherit through both relationships. The way to solve such a problem is simple; the heir will be treated as two distinct people, inheriting as both, and getting the sum of the two shares at the end.

Lets try one out, insha’Allah.

Example 1: A woman dies leaving behind

  • Husband/Haqeeqi paternal uncles son
  • 1 Haqeeqi paternal uncles sons

The mayyits husband is also her haqeeqi paternal uncles son, i.e. cousin.

This is a case of a woman marrying her paternal cousin. In this case, the husband will inherit as a husband and also as a cousin. In addition, the mayyit also has another separate cousin of the same kind. In conclusion, the mayyit has two cousins, one of them also being her husband. We can turn this into a new list of distinct heirs as below:

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