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Fourth Category of Zaawil Arhaam

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Fourth category of zaawil arhaam consists of uncles, aunts and cousins who are not already `asabaat and may only inherit if the first three categories do not exist. This category can be split up into three classes:

Class 1 consists of aunts and uncles and is subdivided into two sub-classes. Class 1(a) consists of paternal uncles/aunts while class 1(b) consists of maternal uncles/aunts.

Class 1(a):

  1. Haqeeqi paternal aunt (father’s haqeeqi sister)
  2. Allaati paternal aunt (father’s allaati sister)
  3. Akhyaafi paternal aunt (father’s akhyaafi sister)
  4. Akhyaafi paternal uncle (father’s akhyaafi brother)

Class 1(b):

  1. Haqeeqi maternal uncle (mother’s haqeeqi brother)
  2. Haqeeqi maternal aunt (mother’s haqeeqi sister)
  3. Allaati maternal uncle (mother’s allaati brother)
  4. Allaati maternal aunt (mother’s allaati sister)
  5. Akhyaafi maternal uncle (mother’s akhyaafi brother)
  6. Akhyaafi maternal aunt (mother’s akhyaafi sister)

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