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Adjusting the Base Number When Heirs of Two Categories Cannot Share Portions Evenly

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Here is the answer to the problem presented at the end of the previous post:

The estate will be divided into 144 equal portions:

The Maternal Grandmother will get 12 portions.
The Paternal Grandmother will get 12 portions.
The Wife will get 36 portions.
The Akhyaafi brother will get 24 portions.
Each Allaati brother will get 10 portions.
Each Allaati sister will get 5 portions.

All others are deprived.

Any questions about the above solution and how it was reached should be posted in the comments section, insha’Allah.

In the previous post we learned how to deal with scenarios in which the heirs of a single category could not share their portions evenly, i.e. in whole numbers. We learned that we simply adjust the base number using the rule provided and re-calculate the portions.

Similarly, when the heirs of two categories cannot share their portions evenly, we again adjust the base number using specific rules and re-calculate the portions. The rules this time, however, are a bit more complex, but nothing you can’t handle insha’Allah.

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