Mission Statement

The aim of this site is to make `Ilm-ul-Faraa’idh as simple to understand as possible. If the contents of this blog are studied seriously, even the most lay of laymen will have a pretty good grasp of what faraa’idh is all about, insha’Allah.

We will focus mostly on the actual math and arithmetic involved in calculating shares, and laws surrounding the heirs. Insha’Allah, as you continue reading, your knowledge of the topic will continue to grow and advance¬†until you are able to solve almost any inheritance scenario thrown at you.

Important Note: Any instructions/arithmetic regarding the distribution of inheritance is assumed to be applied after fulfilling the prior rights from the deceased’s estate, namely:

  1. Burial Expenses (taken from the deceased’s estate)
  2. Debts (if any)
  3. Bequests (if any)

Unless otherwise stated, all the mathematical rules and winding up of the state explained will be assumed to apply only after fulfilling the above three rights. After the above three rights are fulfilled, the balance of the estate will be distributed among the heirs according to the shari’ah. If the prior rights happen to exhaust the entire estate, then the heirs do not receive anything.


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